Candice Kay-Gibb
Holistic Brain Trainer - Professional Spokesperson:

“Smile for the camera!” A simple sentence that almost everyone has heard before. From a young age to our adult years, people are usually trying to look their best when their picture is being taken. Pictures say a thousand words; sometimes those words are lost among the white teeth and bright lights. Her words were lost,

Candice was lost.
In order to find herself again, Candice, only in recent years, decided to come forward about her mental and physical abuse that she endured as a child.

Candice battled with low self-esteem, social anxiety and would constantly worry about others and how they would perceive her. She battled serious eating disorders starting at a young age. She focused on her smile, her outgoing personality, and her charm to get her through each day.

Despite the decades of continued challenges that she faced over and over, Candice made it! She reached her goal of becoming a published and recognized fitness model in countless magazines, billboards, ads and TV. Her success is attributed to her hard work and dedication despite the obstacles that life kept throwing at her. But once again, Candice was “smiling for the camera”.

Ironicall, it was after she achieved all the external successes she set out to, it was after she felt she ‘had it all together’ that things fell apart and she hit a massive clinical depression. She went to seek help from professionals and that was when her eyes really opened to mistreatment and misunderstandings of professionals in the field and what depression really is. She was misdiagnosed and mislabeled and discovered thousands of people are. With hard work, true focus and the road less traveled, she has used her personal struggles with clinical depression as a baseline for a ‘story’ to help people to understand what mental health issues really are.

Once again the victim, (this time of the system) but refusing to adapt to the victim mentally, she discovered a way to turn her pain into her superpower –


She had to break away from all the misdiagnosis of ‘multiple personalities’ and ‘bi-polar’ to understand her only condition was PTSD. After a lifetime of abuse, being overly medicated and never actually being helped – when she took the time (this took years) to detox and heal, she discovered a whole new path and was able to create programs that help people discover their own inner guide…learn how to deal with the pain and anger from the past – face it head on and change the internal dialogue in order to create a bright fulfilling future. 

Candice has found genuine happiness and now she inspires other women and men that they too can be happy and live an “Elegantly Outrageous” Life.

She founded this business with the intention to teach other women and men  how to do what she did – love herself more to live her best life while being empathic and kinder to those in the world around her.

Company Support Team Advisors (having this to add credibility) even though they aren’t involved now is good