Shred the Sh!t
Train Your Brain How to Lose Weight & Keep it Off

Are you trapped and longing for an escape from the madding body fluctuation roller coaster? Losing weight can be easy at first, but continuing to lose weight after a few weeks, a few months and then keeping the weight off you lose, can be very difficult. That is, unless you have learned how to identify the problems, the traps, that you’re certain to encounter & figure out an escape plan for each one of them.

Funny enough though, it is even much deeper than that. Sometimes our bodies want to be a weight we have been fighting to not be to protect ourselves. Ironically, the first and most important weight we need to lose is not on our bodies.

Therefore, you will see people’s weight make dramatic changes even after years of thinking they found a ‘permanent program’ and diet solution that might have proven effective take a dramatic turn in the other direction. History as a way of repeating itself, so getting to the root of why we do what we do and how we think is the first and most important step to making a TRUE permanent change and genuinely healing. If we only like ourselves when we are a specific weight…we have much bigger problems. Sabotaging thoughts have more of an impact on our lives than just our weight. Often our weight issue is just a reflection of our self-worth or distraction from facing the ‘real’ issues we might need to face to really level up our lives. If you have ever struggled with anxiety, depression, lack of self-worth, imposter syndrome yet feel you are really meant for more in this world, look no further as our Elegantly Outrageous program you need before trying any next fad diet or weight loss program that will just bring you right back here (no matter how weight that that plan might help temporary weight you might lose).

What you will Learn and Discover:

  • Cognitive strategies to help you change your mindset to help you lose weight
  • Motivational strategies that remind you why sticking to you plan is worthwhile
  • Psychological strategies to help you manage issues of feeling stressed, deprived, burdened, unmotivated
  • Problem solving strategies to help troubleshoot everyday challenges
  • How to find the right plan that really works for you!

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